We talk to Howard Gerwin from RKLAB AG to get a greater understanding of the future of engines and fuels and various challenges to meet emissions requirements and improve CO2 and NOx emissions.  Howard explains in depth the various fuels and engine applications where it would make sense to use these fuels on which engine types and which applications and how this will impact emissions and improve CO2 and NOx. He also speaks at length about understanding the full cycle and how the different fuels are produced. He talks about the importance to understand well to wheel. He goes into depth about EV’s, Hydrogen, LPG, Compressed Natural Gas, Ammonia, Methanol/Ethanol, Bio diesel, Alcohol E10 E15 E85, Flexi fuel and Renewable Diesel. The challenges facing each of these when it comes to passenger cars, trucks, long distance haulage, marine, rail and various other vehicle usages such as parcel delivery, school buses and garbage removal. He also mentions nuclear power and some opportunities it could provide short term while not necessarily being green. He discusses some of the new technologies from Clear Flame and Neste Oil and the impacts of what these innovations could have in the future.

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