In Talking Automotive with Mark and John Episode 13, Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair talk to Ben Sullivan Head of Automotive Services at Potentiate. The conversation ranges over surveys critical to the industry covering purchase, ownership, and dealerships. Ben explains importance of of understanding the data for marketing and advertising.

He delves into some of the key metrics in terms of new car buyer profile, and types of buyers and what percentage of the market they make up. He makes suggestions on some of the impacts this may have on the way dealers and OEM’s should approach marketing and advertising. He also shares some of the challenges that need to be overcome by automotive companies in dealing with an older buyers and different customer categories.

He addresses the topic of vehicle service levels and vehicle quality has improved substantially, but how perception “feeling”, is resulting in dealers losing customers during the customer life cycle. He delves into retention and how the length customers are keeping vehicles and the impact of this.

Lastly he looks at dealer satisfaction and what impact unhappy dealers has on customer satisfaction. He emphasises the importance of dealer profitability, the need for a partnership and clear communication between dealer and OEM.

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Production and editing by Ky Sinclair.

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