This week we get a better understanding of the challenges to manage a police car fleet. We cover a range of topics including what are the requirements of a police car to meet police force needs. We review the different police cars that make up a police car fleet and review the different requirements for police cars. We discuss what is the difference between a police car and a regular car. What makes a police car better than a regular car? Are police cars performance modified and are they chipped. Do they go faster than a regular car? We look into whether it is worth buying an ex police vehicle and the advantages of doing so. We talk about modified vehicles such as booze buses, divie vans and command centers for crisis situations. We look at the biggest challenges for a police fleet and what is the future. We do touch on some of the new technologies such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and what role they may play in the future. If you liked what you heard, subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows.

If you liked what you heard, subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows. If you would like to get more information on any of the topics reach out to Mark Palavestra or John Sinclair on LinkedIn or keep up with us on the socials



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