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Ep 65: Everything You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles Charging and Range in Australia

We talk to David Wynne from EV 101 and get an update on electric vehicles. David talks about the growth of electric vehicles and changes happening. He goes into detail about charging infrastructure, app developments and the current range of electric vehicles. David also...

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Ep 64: OEM vs Dealer: Who Owns the Customer Challenges in the Automotive Industry for Dealers and OEM

We talk to Andreas Walker CEO from UON Global on the relationship between the dealer and the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), how this is changing and who actually owns the customer. Andreas goes into detail about how UON Global provides tools to manage the...

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Ep 63: The Future of Used Car Trading and Wholesaling in Automotive Dealerships

We talk to Michael Winkler from Flipacar about the future of Used car trading. Michael talks about new initiatives in the used vehicle wholesale market for trading of used cars. Michael goes into detail how these digital initiatives can make a large difference for...

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