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Ep 68: Auto Recycling Driving a Green Future

We talk to Chris Mallon from ACM Parts about auto recycling and what happens to a vehicle at vehicle end of life whether it be through an accident or is no longer functional. Chris discusses the importance of recycling in improving the environment and...

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Ep 67: Debunking Electric Vehicle Myths

We talk to David Wynne from EV 101 and get an update on electric vehicles and many of the myths around electric vehicles. David talks about common myths of electric vehicles and about electric vehicles being commercial electric vehicles and there practicality. He also...

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EP 66: Automotive Post Pandemic Head Winds

Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair review the current business conditions of the automotive sector in Australia and what does the future hold. We talk about automotive business conditions leading up to Covid, the current business conditions and possible changes that could come into play...

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