How the AADA Empowers the Dealer Network with James Voortman

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In “Talking Automotive with Mark and John” Episode 29, Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair talk to James Voortman CEO of the AADA (Australian Automotive Dealer Association) and the services they provide to automotive dealers in Australia. James covers the canvassing the AADA do on behalf of dealers in Canberra at a political level. James also delves into agency, electric vehicles and protection for dealers in balancing the power between manufacturer and dealer. James also shares information on study tours and conventions they provide.  If you liked what you heard, subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows.  If you would like to get more information on any of the topics reach out to Mark Palavestra or John Sinclair on LinkedIn. For more information on the AADA; and editing by Ky Sinclair.  

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