How Isuzu Dominates the Truck Market with Andrew Harbison

In “Talking Automotive with Mark and John” Ep 24, Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair talk to Andrew Harbison Director and Chief Operating Officer Isuzu Trucks Australia. Andrew shares with us some highlights of what has made Isuzu Trucks the market leader in Australia for more than 30 years. Andrew talks about the truck industry and the impacts of Covid. He explains the industry sectors and how Covid impact has been different to the GFC. He discusses what makes a successful truck business and delves into leadership, OEM and dealer relations and the importance to sell solutions and not buy problems. He provides an in-depth overview of key buyer sectors and what impact digital is having on buyer behaviour. He wraps up with a discussion on key trends of the truck sector going forward. If you liked what you heard subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows.

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Production and editing by Ky Sinclair.

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