In Talking Automotive with Mark and John Ep 16, Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair talk to Anton van der Walt, author, keynote speaker, HR expert and mentor. Having written two books “Leadership Through My Lens” and “The Transformational Leader” leads to an interesting discussion on leaders using courage to motivate and manage staff from home and the new normal. He shares how people are embracing the new working from home and companies seeing advantage in the new normal. Technology playing a key role in the new way. Anton talks about the need to be curious about the future, provide hope and be empathetic and how this creates strength in a leader. He encourages leaders to self-reflect and learn from failure. He emphasises the need of leaders to provide purpose, engender acceptable behaviours and required deliverable s. He explores staff engagement in detail and emphasises that companies do have the right people but often have just lost their spark. He explores the need to engender trust, how to create collaboration. He describes the need to stay well, stay engaged and stay connected. He also describes how you cannot expect to do the same as you would in a face to face meeting in a virtual meeting to get the same outcome. Lastly, he reiterates the need to focus on outcomes rather than screen time as a measurement of performance. He delves into the main CEO fears, to be found out that they are not competent for the job, decisions could cause some calamity and fearful do not have ability to achieve the results. If you liked what you heard subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows. If you would like to get more information on any of the topics reach out to Mark Palavestra or John Sinclair on LinkedIn. If you would like to get involved with the shows or get more information on different topics feel free to contact us. Anton van der Walt: +61 424 376 496 Production and editing by Ky Sinclair.

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