Join us as we discuss the challenges with electric vehicles and the manufacture and disposal of electric vehicle batteries.

We investigate the scarcity of rare earth metals and impact the mining of these metals will have on the environment and how this will impact electric vehicles and impact on the environment as a whole. We discuss in depth what Zero emissions means as emissions from the tail pipe and not necessarily emissions generated as a whole. Why this can be misleading and why it should be measured differently. We talk through various fuels and why a blended solution may eventually be appropriate, the impact it would have on his lifestyle and what he needs to know when purchasing an electric vehicle. We compare this to a traditional purchase of an internal combustion engine car and how this has now changed. We also look to the future and how this could change in Australia.

We discuss a full range of topics including: Charging stations, charging times and charging coverage. What is the difference between zero emissions, emissions from the tail pipe and overall emissions. Rare earth metals and the mining of these metals for electric vehicle batteries. Recycling of electric vehicle batteries. The need to change your lifestyle from what we have become accustomed to. Climate change, emissions.

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