Creating An Intelligent Workshop with Rugged Hardware, AI and Automation by Getac

We discuss the future of the automotive aftersales workshop with Russell Younghusband from Getac and the latest in rugged hardware and software and how artificial intelligence and automation is making the automotive workshop more intelligent. From ruggedized hardware that will let you down less in the field and can be taken around and under vehicles by technicians. Hardware which is tough and rugged and designed for the field with a full shift charge capability.

Software with business intelligence and artificial intelligence is making information easily accessible for technicians, including schematic and wiring diagrams, online job cards, online clocking, checking availability of parts, being able to do electronic vehicle health checks, and managing vehicle diagnostics. It also provides the opportunity for planning and scheduling of the workshop and doing the heavy lifting of mundane tasks for the frontline service workshop staff. Artificial intelligence with automation allowing for workshop management to manage the workshop and working on the business rather than spending time fighting fires in the business. Reduction of paper systems, clocking in the corner, health service vehicle checks being done on a smart device, diagnostics being done on a small PC and providing this off one platform.

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