Car Subscription Moving from Ownership to Usership

In Talking Automotive with Mark and John Ep 18, Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair talk to Desmond Hang CEO and Founder of carbar. Desmond debunks the myths around car subscription. Desmond provides an in-depth analysis of car subscription and how it all works. He explores the differences between a financial lease and car subscription. He explains the differences between car share and car subscription and where each fits in the market. He talks about buyer behaviour and the developing trends of car subscription. How car subscription is moving from ownership to usership and it takes the customer experience of a mobility to the next level. He shares how car subscription takes out all the risk of mobility and the flexibility that is offered. He also delves into how car subscription provides easier access for mobility for sectors who may have been previously held out of the market for longer. He shares what opportunities there are for dealers and OEM’s with car subscription. He discusses the advantages of turning over the vehicle parc quicker in terms of safety and emissions reduction. If you liked what you heard subscribe to the show to receive notifications of future shows. If you would like to get more information on any of the topics reach out to Mark Palavestra or John Sinclair on LinkedIn. If you would like to get involved with the shows or get more information on different topics feel free to contact us. For more information on carbar and the services they provide: Production and editing by Ky Sinclair. Sponsor: PrixCar Fleet Services…

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