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Ep 71 Where to Now? Automotive Industry 2023

Mark Palavestra and John Sinclair review the current business conditions of the automotive industry in Australia and what does the future hold for the automotive industry in 2023. We talk about automotive industry business conditions going forward and what are the macro and micro...

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Ep.70: Video Intelligence vs Video Surveillance

We talk to Sud Bhatija from Spot AI about video surveillance and video intelligence and the developments and changes in the industry. Traditional video surveillance was restricted in how it could assist to improve the business but with video intelligence has created a multitude...

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EP 69: Tackling Automotive Cyber security

We talk to Christopher Nguyen from Aitomatic about cyber security and threats and challenges of cyber security in the automotive industry. Chris explains about machine learning and how this is being used to incorporate physical elements and human experience in the learning. He also...

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